Candace Kalwajtys


Candace has always had a great passion for the performing arts. Starting at the age of 3, she formed a love for gymnastics and dance. As her gymnastics journey moved into competitive levels, Candace started attending Victoria School of Performing Arts.  Her passion for dance and performing on the stage grew which led her to decide it was time to dedicate her life to dance.

Thoroughly studying the art of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Tap and Musical Theatre, she received numerous opportunities to travel and work with top choreographers around North America and she received many awards and scholarships throughout her training.  Candace started to attend Vimy Ridge Academy and Shelley's Dance Company and took her level of commitment to dance to new heights.  Having the opportunity to train longer hours and under the instruction of some of Edmonton's most influential instructors Candace developed a strong appreciation and understanding for the art form through the knowledge and passion that has been passed down to her.

Realizing at an early age she also had a passion for working with children and youth, Candace chose to dedicate her life to teaching dance and gymnastics.  She has now been sharing everything she knows with her students for the past 9 years and couldn't see it any other way. To provide her students the most effective training, Candace continues to educate herself and stay current in her teaching methods.;

With her strong gymnastics background it was natural for her to develop an interest in AcroDance. Most recently Candace has started her Certification as a Junior and Intermediate Registered Acrobatique Instructor, as well as Level 1 Certified with NCCP - gymnastics division.

Candace is so excited to bring her knowledge and passion to all her students, and can't wait to be apart of their journeys!